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Raising a brow, the blush on her cheeks, showed that: Just a bit of that shy side, remained. Still, she was much more open with a few of her emotions nowadays, so she moved forwards a little to greet him properly. Just a little hug, nothing too much.

"Heh, guess I got a little excited. It’s been almost a month after all, but I’m just happy to see ya" she grinned, looking up " Anything happen while you were away eh?"

→ “Nothing interesting happened, really.” He said, shrugging off a little. “Just busy day and night, with no rest and no break while solving some important matters. It happens now and then, I suppose. One gets used to working more than necessary. What happened to you, hm?” He leaned in closer to her face. “You do seem quite different from what I remember.”


Quite a lot actually. But Incursu’d be happy to fill him in, since despite the many hardships and bad days, she actually: Had enjoyed a very, interesting week.

"I see, you should’ve told me you goob. I was really worried y’know" she frowned, something about her had changed. Instead of shrugging off or showing any sort of timid-ness. She seemed, much more upfront about her worry " But, I am glad you’re back. I missed you"

→ He’d look down at her with a curious look, intrigued in her change of personality. It’s a side he usually did not see in Incursu, she seemed sassy and confident. Damn, what else did he miss? “Affectionate as usual, eh? Glad to know I was actually missed.” He said, laughing softly. “As a matter of fact, you seem to have missed me too much.”


→ “My, my.” His lips curled into a smile, flashing Incursu a flirty look. “That’s one hell of a kiss from you. Did you miss me that much really, hm?”
“I did actually, I was really worried that ol’ deer ass had banished you” she replied, her hair had grown out quite a bit now, but it hadn’t made her look any older, not in the least.
"I hope you didn’t get into any bother"

→ Giratina furrowed his brows a little, giving a suspicious look at Incursu while holding that smile. Something must have happened during his absence and he was certain that would not take long to discover. “You mean Arceus? As a matter of fact, I had isolated myself away in Distortion World for some time.” He said. “Reasons, you know.”

I got my laptop finally back. I had to call the store few times everyday until they returned it to me. They’re still working on the backup files but I’m fine with waiting for that.

The bad news, I lost all my replies (they were on the old HDD that burned down) so there’s no way for me to know what’s up. My only choice is doing the drafts I saved.

This Saturday I’m leaving to Spain for 6 days but I’m bringing my stuff with. I now have time to RP and obviously feel quite inspired to do new plot I thought of during my absence.

Surprisingly enough, I keep getting followers even though I’m not active that much.

I literally had lots of free days but my laptop is still not back and I’m not even sure if they fixed it or not but damn, I could have spent some time rping

Oh hey I’m somehow alive yet

Well, they replaced the old HDD with a new one in my laptop since the old one burned down. They’re gonna try and recover the files too so I should be getting my laptop back in 2 days or so.

My freaking laptop broke with werfault.exe popping out 7 times in a row and the laptop won’t start anymore. I’m so pissed off because I didn’t even do anything wrong just merely watch Youtube. Tomorrow I’m going to the store I bought it from and have them fix it.