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αғтer I reαlιzed  

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"Alright honey," Groudon slowly stood up and took a deep breath before picking Giratina up and holding the other in his arms gently and carefully. He winced and bit his lip as he adjusted Giratina so it was easier to carry him. "I’ll just take care of you until you feel better, alright?"

Groudon looked down at the other still amused, behind him he got rid of the mess by sinking it into the earth and closing the hole up - a sink hole. He held a grin on his face as he slowly walked towards his house, He kissed the other’s forehead, deciding if he really wanted to do what he wanted to do, but decided against it. He had his fun the night before so he was entertained for a while now.

→ It was hard to speak or even use his voice at all, the stomach acids have harmed his throat and left him in a complete mess. Clearing his throat didn’t help and it was even hard to swallow his own saliva. When Groudon picked him up, Giratina didn’t have the strength to protest and simply gave in.

They walked towards somewhere, yet the man didn’t know where. It was actually a scary thought — you’re so helpless in such moments and someone is taking you to an unknown place.

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Groudon took a second to process what was happening, before a corner of his mouth curled up slightly, he was amused. His nose was burning from the scent of blood and stomach acid, but those were minor details as he was slowly getting use to it again. Leaning over towards Giratina, he saw the tears fall from the other’s face.

"What’s the matter sweetie?" He asked as he ran his fingers down the other’s back, pressing hard enough to create friction against the other’s spine from the top of their neck to the tail bone, but gentle enough to not injure them. "Is there anyway I can help you?"

Everything was spinning, everything was floating in his eyes. He felt something warm above his lips, and once he licked that, he noticed his nose was bleeding. It was hard to process what was going on, but perhaps his pressure was too high.

Even more confusing was to see Groudon act strangely around him. Giratina frowned and looked up at him, his body yet slightly trembling from the vomiting and coughing, but he did wipe away those tears. Ah, such a dreadful smell and taste. Giratina would get up and wash himself off, but he felt so tired..


Memory let the silence hang for the moment, snuggled fearlessly against him in a hug.  She listened to the rain pour down and dribble off Bardroy’s parasol, which the monster didn’t seem to mind.  She felt oddly comfortable and safe where she was.  She wondered what he was thinking, if she was helping him in any way.  He didn’t seem to want to talk, so she let the comfortable silence fill the air, content to just be hugging him.  It was a huge leap compared to how he used to treat her.  Maybe she could help him after all?

→ He gave another sigh, looking at the distance. The rain should stop soon, yes? Then the sun should come out and shine bright again. It felt nice to be in silence with someone, and know that perhaps they do indeed care. People have judged him so much that Giratina came to accept those lies as true facts. Sad, but true. He’s still scared of the future everyday, but you can’t do anything but live it.

He may be aggressive, but he just doesn’t know how to act another way.


Groudon sat up and quickly pulled the other closer to him by the waist, he put his arm over the other’s mouth gently and leaned down next to Giratina’s ear. He pressed his forearm against the other’s lips to muffle the other’s voice.

"Shhh…calm down, bite down if it hurts sweetie," he whispered softly as he kept his other arm around the other’s waist, stroking and rubbing Giratina’s side, not letting the other escape him. He didn’t know what was going on and didn’t know what to do, so this was the best thing he could come up with. He bit his own lip, as if preparing himself for anything that might happen in the next few moments.

► After squirming a little, when everything seemed to have calmed down, Giratina slowly began to calm down. He went from screeching to soft yet painful moans and grunts, holding Groudon’s hand that was placed on the lips. Giratina felt sick a bit, feeling rather uncomfortable at the feeling inside his chest. Before he could even look at the other, the man began to cough, and that probably left a stain of blood on that hand.

He quickly pushed the other away and turned himself around, kneeling and on fours while puking and coughing out some blood. Damn, this was so painful, it left a few tears in his eyes as well. “Mm..”


Memory felt him hug her tightly, and beamed brightly.  Her eyes shone like gems, and her energy fluttered.  She was helping!  She was actually helping!  She hugged him tightly and put her face against his shoulder, trying not to cry from relief.  She took a deep, shivery breath, and the tears dribbled down her face anyway.  She hadn’t been that happy in such a long time.

"Th-Thank you."  she said quietly, gently rubbing his back.  "See?  It’s a-alright.  You’re okay."  she smiled, letting out a sigh as she rubbed her face, trying to wipe the tears away.  "Everything everyone has e-ever said about you…is wrong.  Th-They all said you were some kind of monster, that y-you were evil…you’re just hurting.  Everyone hurts, b-but…"  she hugged him a bit tighter, trying to pour all the love she could into him to make up for the compassion others wouldn’t give.  "You deserve to be loved just l-like everyone else…you d-don’t deserve the treatment you get."  she pulled back just a little bit, looking into the Pokémon’s eyes.  Her face was wet with tears, and her eyes shone like the ocean.  She offered a small smile.  "I-I’m sorry they..treated you so horribly.  I know I-I’m not m-m-much, but…I’m gonna make up for it."  she hugged him again with her head on his shoulder.  "I-I’m going to be your friend whether y-y-you like it or not."

→ She looked quite excited to see him hug her back, though Giratina remained with the same neutral expression. He didn’t respond back to her, just blinked and hugged her back in silence. Sometimes, silence is the best key for everything in life, sometimes it’s not. He would obviously disagree with her about how people treat him since the day of the banishment, but as before, he still had no strength to bring himself to do anything willfully.

A friend? How rare to get one. But Giratina knows she’ll be like everyone else. Nobody likes a crying trash after all. It’s the reason why the man never shares his feelings or thoughts with anyone. Whenever he did, he was criticized and bashed for it, so in the end, it was all better to bottle it up.

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Groudon gasped and groaned when he was tackled down onto the ground. Rubbing his head and trying to get to his feet, he found that he wasn’t able to since the other was on top of him and the pain on his chest was burning. When the other started to twitch and move, Groudon blinked as he was confused.

"Hey…uh…ow…are you alright honey?" Groudon winced a bit as he reached up to touch the other’s cheek, but was hesitant to do so.

► He leaned to his side, eventually getting off Groudon while gasping for air in a quick manner. It was so difficult to breathe, not to mention this intense pain in his chest he never felt before. Giratina was very confused on what was happening, and it didn’t help when the pain launched him on the floor, nearly screeching. Ah.. yes.. now he remembered why did this feel and look so familiar..

The same happened the moment before banishment. Irony? No. Dangerous? Probably.