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Some news

I know I haven’t been around since I came back to Norway on Friday, but lots of things have happened. As I mentioned on Saturday, my uncle got into the hospital, but thankfully he left it on Monday. I was still helping go to the doctor and buy medicine, stuff like that.

Then I also helped my mother at work, so that slowed me down. I begin my Norwegian Classes on 1st September and I won’t be much around for 3 weeks.

The greatest news is that I got my first job at a hotel, and I’m super excited. I have waited for so long, I finally got a chance because my neighbor, who’s from Chile, helped me get in there because he’s a cook there (It’s good to know Spanish!). Which means, I’ll be working on afternoons, starting 1st September as well.

Both my mornings and afternoons will be busy, giving me time for evenings only until 19th maybe.

I have also gained inspiration for drawing and remade a dA account.

I will announce a semi-hiatus at the end of this month, but I’ll try to RP a little. I don’t promise when, but I’m slowing doing these piled up drafts.

Thank you for understanding.

HUGE POKERFACE BECAUSE I was supposed to be online today and I feel so bad because I didn’t get a chance to do my replies


I’ll draw u a thing guise

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So I just came back again from the hospital and my uncle is feeling much better. They are really taking a good care of him, giving him food, water and all the medication he needs. What he has is COPD or Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which will be with him until the rest of his life. He’s forbidden to smoke or be near smoke at all costs, it’s that bad. He also regained his appetite and his fever went down too.

I wrote some words in Polish and translated them to English that if he needs something, he will point out with his finger (food, thirst, pain, etc). He won’t probably be leaving the hospital tomorrow because they need to control the oxygen in his blood.

I was supposed to be more active starting today but before I knew it, I ended up in the hospital with my uncle, who’s sick. I’ll visit him later on today with my mom, but man, what a crazy day. I’ll try to do some replies sooner or later.


Can we just talk about how Sebastian can plank with just his toes?

So I’m back in Norway from Poland, it was a stressing day especially when this guy said (before entering the plane) said my cabin baggage was too over sized (not overweight) and my legs went numb. I honestly thought I’d fall out flat right there, man, but some girl passed by and the guy said we could put our things in her baggage.

Which we obviously didn’t do but that helped us to move on to the plane. That guy was so rude, everyone complained about him.

Anyways, I’ll probs won’t rp much today, I’m exhausted. If you want my skype, kakao or whatsapp, let me know uwu

So, someone unfollowed me because I gave them a piece of advice? I’m not gonna give out names, but it just proves how immature one can be. Suit yourself, I guess.

i was just a kid
           & all i really w a n t e d 
                    was my  f a t h e r 



"Fine, call it fake if you want."…

Groudon sighed as he gave up, Giratina was tough to crack but then again Groudon wasn’t one to come talk to for help despite how much he wanted to. He grabbed the other and held Giratina into a tight embrace since that was all he was good for now and most likely the last time he would see the other. People say he was a good hugger, warm and inviting but then again Groudon was just a Groudon.

"I’m dropping her off with Kyurem because I’m not the best father at all. Also she loves you guys more than she would ever love me." He paused, "My home is always open to you, no matter what okay? I’m here to catch you if you fall."

→ He didn’t even react at the embrace. Giratina was slowly getting numb inside. That moment where one stops caring about everything and anything, as all he knew was just losing its colors. He gave a long sigh, staring simply into distance, into somewhere and waited until Groudon gave up on hugging. Don’t people hug when they actually gave up on trying? It’s like giving a toy instead of medicine to ease the pain.

Of course. Anybody would actually give up. How many times has that happened between him and Kyurem? Or with Arceus? Or with anyone at all? Giratina comes to his senses in such moments, he realizes that nobody wants a miserable grump so selfish as he is. In the end, nobody really cares. “Alright.” He said, responding to his offers. Not like he’s gonna do that anyways.


"I suppose that is true. But there is no way ‘get out’ is a metaphor that means ‘stay’."


→ ”A person with psychological issues in their brain will take a no as a yes, and a yes as a double yes. There are many reasons behind that behavior, perhaps something related with a sad past.”